Reading and Plans

Thank you, Katharine, for getting this set up!

This morning, I’m starting to get organized about how I want to approach this work.  In taking Kim’s advice, I will start with one unit from the Advanced French curriculum – Personal and Public Identities.  Before I get started, I want to spend time reading the materials you have all been sharing.  I just subscribed to the eClassroom Newsletter, and have been reading though Katharine’s UBD resources and my next stop is Lauren’s Google Drive folder from the Sloan online course.  I also have a backlog of Marshall Memos that I will start to work through.  Do you all subscribe to Marshall Memo – I think it’s $25/year and a great resource for collating articles related to teaching.

Plans for this first unit:

1 – Using the UBD framework to think carefully about outcomes, essential questions and assessments specific to Personal and Public Identities; Identifying specific skills to complement the content

2- Getting to understand the Modules tool on Canvas; deciding if I want to use the host of Canvas tools (modules, outcomes, rubrics, discussions, quizzes) to support the unit/course

3 – Looking at other media (PowToon, Crocodoc and VoiceThread) to see how it can support my goals; learning/deciding how to integrate it into my lessons/assessments

This will be fun!  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Reading and Plans

  1. Hi Liz,
    Do you want to edit this post and make an in-text link to Lauren’s Google Drive folder so we have it ‘chronicled’? Glad the links were helpful to you — I also have a UBD “workbook” in my office if you’re interested in the templates.


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