Summer Begins

We all had a good meeting at Ted’s the other day.  We decided we’d start this blog as a place to update the group on our progress over the summer and solicit feedback.  In addition, we discussed technology (Camtasia, camcorder, Voicethread?), budget (I think we each have $500 to spend on materials and tech?), and the need to defend our choices of activities for Face to Face and online.  A bunch of us will be using the Understanding by Design framework, and I shared some resources for learning about that.

Part of my summer work will be taking two online classes, and thus experiencing what works and what doesn’t first hand.  So far, I have participated in online discussions and live-streaming lectures.

Have a great and productive summer everyone!


One thought on “Summer Begins

  1. Thanks for setting this up Katharine. I look forward to hearing about people’s summer work. In mid-July Liz and I are attending a November conference on hybrid techniques specific to language instruction. In the mean time I am going to play with Camtasia, Videoscribe and Voice thread. I was especially taken by our discussion on the need for a good part of the out of class work to be independent and will look around for the software that can make the kind of annotated text I envision possible ( one where the students only see what they write, but I see it all and can then project in class). Hope the Kansas City ramblers have an awesome trip and bring back some good ideas!


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